Cryptography: From A to Z

Training Duration: One day

Training Delivery Method: On-site, instructor-led course; or online, instructor-led course


IT background, some IT security background

What Problem Does This Training Help Solve?

Helps you become knowledgeable in cryptography, symmetric keys, PKI, key management, digital signatures, etc.

Who Should Attend?

IT control professionals, IT auditors, IT security professionals

Course Material:

Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 120 foils

Course Syllabus:

The intent of this class is to teach symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, PKI, digital signatures, the significance of cryptography in data protection efforts, basic cryptographic techniques, the importance of key management life cycles, and awareness of the potential pitfalls and risks when using encryption.

Topics to be covered:

  • Theory of cryptography
  • Symmetric keys and asymmetric keys
  • DES, Triple DES, and AES
  • Other cryptography algorithms
  • ECC
  • Quantum cryptography
  • PKI
  • Digital signatures and digital envelope
  • CA, RA, and CRL
  • Key management
  • Risks of encryption